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~*~ The Disney Palace ~*~
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  Hey, and welcome to The Disney Palace, one

of the biggest disney princess fansites on the net! Here you can find pics, link and other fans just like you! You're free to copy

from this site, or ask me for questions on where I got some of these pics. To have the best time on this site you have to become a member, this way you can meet other fans and have access to much more! Hope you have fun!


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The Princesses say "Be Our Guest" and come with us "Under The Sea" to "A Whole New World", "Part Of Our World" where "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes".  If you "Listen With Your Heart", then "Once Upon A Dream"..."Someday Your Prince Will Come".  Tink sprinkles you with pixie dust and takes you on a magical ride through our pages...

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